A visit to the museum


I went to a show at Largo last weekend hosted by Paul F. Tompkins. Funny guy. I definitely recommend you see one of his shows if you get the chance. He made a joke about how nieces and nephews are the seat warmers of relatives: you don’t need them, but it’s great if they’re there.

Here are my seat warmers 🙂

My older nephew was obsessed with going “grocery shopping”. Seriously? This is an attraction at the science museum in Fort Worth? Who thought this up?

“Hey, remember when George Bush was really amazed by UPC scanners at the grocery store?”

“Oh yeah.”

“We should make sure kids know how grocery stores work.”

Bang up job there, Fort Worth Science Museum. I didn’t have the heart to tell my nephew he was going to spend a hell of a lot of time doing this in a grocery store when he grows up. Better to let life disappoint him on its own sweet time.

At least the museum is doing its part to train all of us to use those self-service lanes at the grocery store. By the time he grows up, there won’t be anyone working at the grocery store…

And I was a little surprised that the dinosaur exhibit talked about how the bones were hundreds of millions of years old. Having been away for awhile, I kind of expected the museum to claim their particular dinosaur skeleton had come from a specimen on board Noah’s ark.


The younger one doesn’t do much yet. At least he looked at the camera.


The older one is intently shooting water at stuff and missing. Oh, and there’s a girl growing out of the top of his head.


The younger one did a bit of exploring.

IMG_0257Here’s the older one buying a “pretzel”. All of his “grocery shopping” involved milk, pretzels, and bagels. That won’t be a problem later…