Infinite Prison

He was stuck in a dead-end place. When you looked outside, there was nothing but the sky as far as the eye could see. For most people who never faced the reality of that existence, it seemed to represent freedom. For Lou, every sunset was a fiery wall of the prison his life had turned into.
Humans are social creatures. The idea of one man alone in the world is just that: an idea. It’s not a reality. One man alone will die. Men are creatures like everything else in nature. No creatures that exist alone last that long. Their lives are short, hard, and meaningless. The predators. The creatures that only exist to feed off of others.
It’s the herd animals that have the easiest lives. They have the ability to rest. They can relax. They can do something other than eat and sleep. Sleep won’t mean death, either. They don’t have to crawl into holes and hide in the night. There are other creatures to look out.
There is community. Humans have more in common with cattle than they do with cats.
There are humans who imagine themselves to be predators. They stalk others and take advantage. They live very harsh lives. They can never relax. They have no one they can trust. They are untrustworthy. Life is a series of transactions. Life is the race to see who can steal from the other person first.