I remember a joke about dyslexic atheists, But today they won’t even acknowledge Dog (much less renounce Him!) They’re the dogged defenders of no-Dog. It’s playing words, how some words can lead you through woods. The woods are lovely, you said. And now you sit in the back, lighting fires, heckling a poet. Why don’t you get up here? See what it’s like to stand … Continue reading Heckler

Ode to the antecedent deceased I trampled over

Death robs us of our identity. Walking down the rows of grave stones In that small cemetery outside of Decatur I was struck by the fuzziness of the marble. The names were growing faint… Step between the graves- Don’t step on their heads. File upon file of dead inhabitants; You must remember where to keep your feet Don’t step near the grave stone, That’s the … Continue reading Ode to the antecedent deceased I trampled over